• Grand Tour Florence

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    Grand Tour Florence - Paolo Penko

    Artisan & Artists Tour

    Off the beaten track but not off limits

    A fascinating hands on experience as guests in the workshops and ateliers of authentic Florentine craftsmen and women, who, regardless of the onslaught of mass production bravely defend their age old artistry.


    The artisan quarters are mainly based on the "Oltrarno" or left bank of the Arno, where you instantly feel as if you've stepped into a different world- far from the tourist crowds. Traditional techniques like precious stone inlaying 'commesso Fiorentino' can be observed, and you'll be amazed at the skill and precision involved.


    The school of leather dates back to medieval times when the Franciscan monks offered training to orphaned children, the cells today are workshops open for demonstrations to the public.


    Hand decorated paper boutiques welcome you in to enjoy the magical process and the prestigious five hundred year old pharmacy set up by the Dominican friars of Santa Maria Novella will truly enchant you with its frescoed walls and heavenly fragrances! Need I say more? If you feel inspired follow me.....


    Half Day 3 hours or Full Day 6 hours with a foodie lunch!


    Please call Virginia on +39 349 5084833 or email virginia.lacey@gmail.com to book this tour!