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    Grand Tour Florence - Florence for Lovers Tour

    Florence for Lovers Tour

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    Florence takes its name from the ancient roman "Florentia" meaning flower, perfectly evoking its distant origins of gently rolling meadows leading down to the slow meanderings of the River Arno. Two thousand years of civilization and the Golden Age of the Renaissance have left us with the most beautiful and romantic city in the world.


    A place to focus on making memories that will last long after you return home. Romance above the crowds in the Etruscan hill top town of Fiesole, enjoying the spectacular view of the city you left below. An exclusive spot for a special proposal in true elite Florentine style!


    Back in the medieval centre of Florence, follow in the footsteps of Dante and Beatrice, visiting the tiny church where the poet first set eyes on the muse that would inspire his literary masterpieces. It's easy to share their passion in this magical back drop.


    Your heartstrings will be pulled again when you come up close to Botticelli's divine Venus and Michelangelo's David, but also in more intimate settings such as inside a cool Gothic church steeped in sublime spirituality or in a sunny Italian style garden, echoing with the laughter of so many lovers over the centuries, who have flirted and wooed around the splashing fountains and shady avenues.


    It's impossible not to be profoundly moved by the beauty of Florence. I hope to inspire your stay and leave you with some great ideas for the rest of your time here together.


    Morning Tour 3 hours / Afternoon Tour 3 hours / Evening Tour 3 hours


    I can arrange private transfers to Fiesole, and make reservations for your romantic lunch or dinner.


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