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    Grand tour Florence - Gastronomic Tour

    Gastronomic Delights Tour

    Food glorious food

    Ask any Italian what their favourite topic of conversation is, and the answer would be good food. Closely followed by football of course! At breakfast they talk about lunch, and at lunch they're already thinking about dinner! It's not just about survival, it's the art of good living!


    The Italian passion for food means that every little panini bar, trattoria and market stall make everything taste so mouthwateringly delicious! Excellence at the humblest level which becomes pure poetry when you're navigating in luxury!


    The historical food hall in the centre is back on the scene after a stylish makeover and has become a foodie's haven, each gastronomical sector is represented by the best in its category with an open plan eating arrangement that reassuringly buzzes with the locals, so you know you're in the right place! There really is something for everyone whether you are a bistecca fan or a veggie lover! You can even try out your skills with a morning, or afternoon cookery course on location!


    What's so fascinating about Italian cuisine are its age old traditions, and simple genuine recipes that have been delighting the world for centuries. Luckily for us, Florence is full of little delicatessens or "pizzicagnoli", pasticcerie (cake shops) and enoteche (specialist wine shops) where you can feast your eyes and more!


    Why not make it a leisurely slow food day with an unforgettable lunch out in your kind of "ristorante" - I know just where to take you!


    Half Day 3 hours or Full Day 6 hours (with lunch)


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